Our Story

Fullmarks Dot Com started its tuition venture in 2010 in the heart of Tampines, Singapore. In the past decade, we have coached more than 150 students and bag a track record of more than 75% distinctions. Since then, we have stepped up our digital footprint and moved all our services online. Our online learning modules allow students to break away from rote-learning habits and embrace a new type of classroom. Within the next decade, we aim to expand our catalogue of online courses to beyond what is taught in schools in order to prepare our kids for the unknowable future.


The Founder

Born in a family of educators, Jill Keshyap began tutoring students right after her ‘A’ Level examinations. Her passion for education drove her to start FullMarks Dot Com, where she and her team of tutors ran classes within a 150 sqft space that could accomodate only three classrooms. By 2016, Jill had completed a degree in Mechanical Engineering from NTU and was running two successful tuition centres.