• The O level chemistry course helped me in leaps and bounds. The concepts for Electrolysis, reactivity series became so clear to me and i could apply the rules simply to each question + the right keywords easily to get the questions correct. Teacher Jill is one of the best tutors i've seen around and has helped me tremendously to get to what i wanted in the O leve..

    Alicia, 16
    Secondary 4

  • This course was a life saver when i needed it the most. I kept failing my Chemistry and needed someone to explain the concepts to me at the outset. This course went straight to it, and taught me exactly what i needed to master in order to get my A1. I did exactly that and within months of constant pushes and practice via the course instructor, teacher Jill, I man..

    Secondary 4

  • This course helped me get to where I wanted within just 3 months. The concepts were so detailed but still so well explained and the checklist to follow for each topic was so so helpful. I've never learnt Chemistry the same way it has been taught via this class. I got an A1 eventually which is what i was aiming for before i joined the course. Thank you teacher Jil..

    Xue Wen, 15
    Secondary 4

  • Hi Mr Soh! I got an A for Math!! Thank you so much for your patience, advice, guidance and help throughout these 2 years! I am really grateful for all your efforst and consultations! Thank you so much!

    Y, 2019
    A level, H2 Math

  • Before joining tution, Math was a subject I dreaded and I was failing throughout my JC 1. However, despite joining for less than a year, my grades have significantly improved. Jumping from U to a B by the time I took the prelims and an A at the A levels. It was under Mr Kelvin's guidance and unwavering determination, coupled with a strong will and genuine desire ..

    C, 2018
    A LEVEL, H2 Math

  • Hello Mr Kelvin! I got an A for Math :) Thank you so much for your dedication! Really appreciate it!

    M, 2017
    A LEVEL, H2 Math

  • I am more focused at tuition classes now that I don't have to travel to have my lesson. My revision has definitely been more efficient and I am seeing the results.

    Yee Kai, 17

  • I finally got an A for my A.math paper after struggling with the subject for so long! Thanks for the many practices and tips!

    Kayler, 15
    Secondary 3

  • Thanks for helping me speak and write better English! My composition and comprehension skills have improved tremendously!

    Lynette, 10
    Primary 4

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