• I can write my compositions with so much flair now, thanks to FullMarks Dot Com and Mrs Lim!

    Jared, 11
    Primary 5

  • Thank you for making me understand Inorganic and Organic Chemistry so well! I still have the mindmaps till today and even passed it on to my sister who benefited so much from it as well.

    Rebecca, 17

  • My daughter receives impeccable personalized tutoring by FullMarks Dot Com for Science. I am very impressed with the way the online lessons are being taught

    Mrs Shanti , Parent of Jaya, 9
    Primary 3

  • My experience with Teacher Jill was overall a very positive one due to her exemplary dedication and efforts in delivering her lessons. Her lessons were comprehensible, and I was able to easily grasp the Mathematical concepts explained by her. Furthermore, she was a very helpful and versatile tutor who went out of her tutoring scope to mentor me on my other subjec..

    Nikki, 16
    Secondary 4

  • I have been with FullMarks Dot Com since i was 11. In the past 5 years, I have improved by leaps and bounds not just in the understanding of the subject but also study and exam techniques that are essential for me to do well consistently. Thanks for making me an independent learner!

    Katelyn, 16
    Secondary 4

  • I used to struggle with Math but things really turned around for me when i joined FullMarks Dot Com. I initially thought tuition was of no use, but they proved me wrong. Alot of my concepts were refined and corrected through notes and rigorous revision. I am in Poly now and wish i could continue learning at FullMarks Dot Com

    Malisa, 10
    Primary 4

  • I improved by 2 grades within a span of 6 months and got an A for my PSLE Math and Science. Thank you!

    Joshua, 12
    Primary 6

  • My study techniques have improved significantly and i'm much more of an independent learner thanks to the personalized coaching offered by FullMarks Dot Com

    Jason, 16
    Secondary 4

  • I was initially scared to enrol my child into this new world of online learning, however, the tutoring and support provided has been impeccable

    Mrs Goh- Parent of Jared, 11

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